Maloto supports health and nutrition programs at Kwithu Community Organization, including one that provides hot, nutritious meals to over 200 children three times a week; community outreach activities to help HIV+ children and their families access critical health services and nutrition information; and a food distribution program for the community’s most vulnerable households.

Program Need

When the AIDS epidemic claimed the lives of an entire generation of teachers, caregivers and parents and left too many orphaned children behind, Anna MsowoyaKeys, along with a group of dedicated women in Mzuzu, responded by establishing Kwithu Womens Group to serve these children.

What started as an emergency response feeding program for 20 children once each week grew into a thriving community center that provides a suite of services, including health and nutrition assistance, to hundreds of children and their families.

Malawi’s chronic and widespread poverty hits children and women the hardest. Food insecurity remains an enormous challenge and malnutrition is the single biggest contributor to child death. All children should be able to grow up wellfed and in good health. Healthy children develop strong minds and bodies which helps them success in school and become productive
members of society.