Maloto supports educational activities at Mzuzu International Academy (MIA) and at the Kwithu Community Center.  MIA is Malawi’s first internationally accredited primary and secondary school in the country’s northern region.  400 students are enrolled.  It’s mission to educate Malawi’s best and brightest to become the country’s future leaders Maloto supports 40 students on full scholarships.Activities at the Kwithu Community Center include an early childhood development program, after-school tutoring, and scholarships to local secondary schools and to universities for high-achieving students.

Mzuzu International Academy (MIA) – Educating 400 students

  • Mzuzu International Academy is the northern region’s first, and only, internationally accredited primary and secondary school.
  • Opened in 2007, and starting with just 35 students, MIA now has more than 400 students enrolled from kindergarten through the senior year in high school. 
  • More than 40 students from the local area are on full scholarships.

Kwithu CBO

  • Early Childhood Development – 3 classes with 20 children each
  • After school tutoring for +150 children of all ages including English, math and computer literacy classes
  • Scholarships for Kwithu kids, primary through university age
  • Vwila programs to educate over 1,000 HIV-positive families about nutrition and healthcare, including a support club for teens.


Empower women and make sure 300+ students never have to choose between food and education