You’re not just dreaming of a future where children everywhere have a hot meal and a high quality education. At The Table, you’re making it a reality.

You and us? We have the same dream!

If you believe that no child should have to choose between food and education… 

Or that when a woman has a chance to earn a sustainable income, she can raise her family and her community…

…Then join us at The Table!

Our mission is centered around feeding the children and women of Malawi, providing scholarships for children to go to school, and empowering women as they establish businesses so they can provide for their families forever.

Maloto – “to dream” in Tumbuka, the Northern Malawian language

And dream Anna, native Malawian and the founder of Maloto, did.

When she returned to Malawi from NYC briefly in 2003, she could see it.She wanted to work with the women in her hometown of Mzuzu, Malawi to provide hot meals for children. 

It started as a gathering of 20 women, who refer to themselves as the Kwithu Women, drawing from the Tumbuka word for “home.” They aimed to feed 20 vulnerable children one hot meal per week.

And it has now grown into Maloto – a nonprofit that successfully provides hot meals for over 300 children per week. And the local Kwithu Women took it one step at a time to then offer high-quality education. Finally, in 2013,  the Women started Kwithu Kitchen which today sells a variety of products, like canned tomatoes and honey, throughout Malawi, providing jobs and income for hundreds of women.

Gather around The Table – Let us show you the impact you create:

Maloto’s mission revolves around three core areas: feed – educate – empower. 

We’re devoted to feeding women and children, giving children the education they deserve, and empowering all of them in their own efforts. 

100% of your monthly gift goes directly to one of the following programs:



Kwithu CBO

In 2004, Maloto began by feeding 20 children one hot meal per week. Today, we tutor and feed 300+ public-school children in the area 3 times per week! 

Plus, we run an HIV/Aids community outreach program to provide 4,500+ people with testing, treatments, and nutritional assistance. 

We’re continuing our efforts to expand how many children we can feed – and how often – with your help!



Mzuzu International Academy

In 2010, MIA opened with 35 students and 2 classes. Today, MIA provides 400 of Malawi’s brightest students with a high-quality K-12 education. Many of these students include our own Kwithu children, who receive scholarships to attend MIA. 

Since the first graduating class in 2015, 200+ students have gone on to college – in a country where only 1% of the population are able to attend. 

And thanks to you, we’re working to provide more children with scholarships!



Kwithu Kitchen

The first women-owned processing cooperative in the region, the Kwithu Kitchen originally began in 2013 by canning tomatoes to sell to local markets. 

By 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, Kwithu Kitchen launched a line of honey products. Today, it’s the largest honey processor and supplier in Malawi. 

The best part? It’s supporting hundreds of local farmers and female beekeepers to sustain their families by providing reliable income. 

Hear it directly from the women and children you’re sitting at The Table with:

“I didn’t manage to finish my own education, but from the skills which I acquired at Kwithu, I am respected in society. I am considered as one of the intellectuals in the community.”

Your seat is saved at The Table

When you sit at The Table, your generosity is amplified. No matter the amount you commit to giving each month, your gift goes to a child eating a hot meal three times a week, a young child gaining the education they deserve, and Malawian women building a sustainable business to continue providing for her family.

And we’re committed to sharing the impact you’re making through exclusive newsletters. Plus, what’s a seat at The Table without something yummy? When you sign up, we’ll send you a “thank you” jar of honey from Kwithu Kitchen!

You can cancel or change your membership at any time.